Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday in Michigan - Write It Down!

by Tracey G.

I have a thing for lists. Writing them I should say. Not typing them, but actually pen and paper writing them. I've been known to make lists of my lists, re-write a list numerous times until it's just right looking and organized properly (if it's grocery it has to be by aisle, lol). I have notepads all over the place. I prefer to write the lists down instead of just start an electronic one on my phone - even though, yes, I do have an app for making lists, lol.

I guess it's not just lists, I just flat-out love to write in general. I will look for any excuse to do so. One of my favorite things to do is go through my recipe magazines and list out recipes I want to try by page number, recipe name and general ingredients needed (usually ones I don't normally keep on hand). It gives me my writing fix, lol. That's also the reason I have my Recipe Book - it's a special book that makes your own cookbook of your handwritten recipes. It's always an exciting time when I get to add a new recipe or two! Not only does that mean they were good and are keepers, lol, but I get to write them down! Yay! LOL

 I also love a good pen, well, doesn't have to be "good" but has to be good for me - can be the cheapest pen ever, but if I like the way the ink flows and it how it feels on the paper, it's a good pen. And don't think of touching my good/favorite pen - let alone actually using it, no way! Get your own pen! My dad used to call me "sticky fingers", not because I was eating candy or something like that all the time, but because I'd steal his pens all the time, lol. Yep, even as a kid, I loved writing instruments. Then that leads to paper - it has to be a decent paper that's smooth and that the pen and ink flow effortlessly on - but not too effortlessly that it appears sloppy, lol. Once again, there's a certain feel I look for when writing on paper, just as there has to be a certain feel to the pen and the way it operates. ;-) There's nothing worse to me than paper that bleeds when I'm using a gel ink, I hate that!

I recently ordered myself a new planner to keep track of all my things, I decided it's become necessary because I wasn't doing so well with my current method - I'd been just using my computer's calendar or my phone's, but, I started to realized that I don't always check those things for stuff like that. I needed something that I could write them down in as I do for our blog stuff. It's nothing huge, but will work well enough for me to actually hand write my things down! To me, I guess, things aren't real unless I've actually used a pen and written it down. I think it's got to be a memory tool of some sort, using your hand to record it has got to have some kind of imprint on what you remember better. Even if you don't remember exactly what it is, you know you wrote something down - at least for me, lol. Typing it on the computer or on my phone is just not the same thing. I also ordered some highlighters (I love office supplies!) to keep my notations straight in the planner, that way at a glance I'd know what each note was for.

While waiting for my planner and highlighters to arrive, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive, lol. I was tracking and watching for UPS like a crazy woman, lol. I did have the forethought to order a multi-pack of highlighters, which came with 2 of each color because Harry too has a thing for pens and markers (gee, wonder where he gets that from), lol, and I knew if I didn't, I'd have all of mine lost for me, lol. So, this way, as soon as I opened the package, half went to Harry and the other half was mine. ;-)

And now, after all this typing about writing, I need to go find something to write in or on or something! LOL 

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Enjoy your week!!
Tracey G


  1. Oh, what fun! You've made me think about doing more writing again. I don't know what I don't. OK - an ITunes gift card would be very cool. How can you NOT have enough photo apps! LOL

    1. Larraine, I am right there with you! I have so many photography apps that I can't keep them on my phone, lol!! ;-)

    2. As long as you have a list of them written down!

  2. I'm with you 100%, Tracey! Lists, definitely, especially when going on holiday. I have very definite favourite pens and pencils and hate when anyone pinches them and have loads of notebooks for different purposes, but can still be tempted to buy more. Love all stationery items and writing.

    1. Irene, it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one out there who loves this stuff! LOL :-)