Sunday, October 9, 2016

Food Friday - Dinner and Dessert courtesy of the King! (King Arthur Flour that is!)

from Kris B.

Tracey and I are enjoying trying recipes from the King Arthur Flour archives.  After last week’s scones, I decided that I needed to make a savory dish.  I ate way too many of those scones!  Lol!  I had some fresh spinach that needed to be eaten before we went out of town this weekend, so I started my search on the King Arthur website looking for a recipe that called for spinach.  I found recipes for various pizzas and calzones and spinach dip and soups and wraps and many things in between.  I settled on this recipe for Miraculous Spinach Quiche.

As I read the recipe, I was carried back about ten or so years to when my girls were both still at home and Impossible Pie, a Bisquick recipe, was a weekly meal at our house.  Since at that time I had one child that was a vegetarian and one who was a carnivore, the Bisquick recipe was easy to accommodate both.  I could mix the “batter” and pour it over veggies for Offspring No. 1 and over meat for Offspring No. 2.  Basically, it was made to order Impossible Pie at our house.

The King Arthur recipe uses ricotta cheese, as well as a generous amount of a shredded cheese of your choice,  in its batter, making its consistency a bit more dense than the Impossible Pie, but very good!  Despite the fact that I was not making this recipe for my girls and their disparate food preferences, I still found myself faced with the vegetarian and the carnivore dilemma.  The recipe calls for only spinach in the filling..  Weber wanted some meat.  Since I also had some bacon that needed to be eaten, he got his wish.  Because I used the bacon, I sautéed the onions and wilted the spinach in bacon drippings rather than the oil that the recipe calls for.   

This recipe is super easy to prepare.  Basically a little sautéing of veggies and then everything is mixed together in a large bowl and then spread in a pie plate to bake.  The crust forms “miraculously” during the baking.

With our first bites, Weber and I found ourselves trying to describe the texture of the Miraculous Spinach (and bacon) Quiche.  It was familiar, but we couldn’t quite place it.  Then it hit us.  The texture was much like that of tamales.  This is not a criticism, just an observation.  Tamales are a favorite of mine so I am perfectly OK with this masa like consistency.  We enjoyed this meal for dinner and a few lunches thereafter.  Its definitely a keeper for us!

I do have to share a humorous story that  the night I made this recipe for dinner.  My beloved husband posted this on Facebook:

“Kris Elliott Baker just told me that before we could eat dinner, she had to shoot it…This is life with a photographer.”

Um, yeah.  This is the way it is at our house.  Doesn't everyone shoot their dinner before they eat it?

From Tracey G.

Since Kris was doing a pie of sorts, I decided I wanted to do something "pie-like" as well. I knew I had some apples to use up quickly, so, I searched the King Arthur Flour website - for apple recipes. I ran across these Rustic Fruit Tarts, and this is one thing I have always wanted to make. They've always intrigued me in their simplicity and ease of fashioning, but for some reason I've never attempted them. I find that rather crazy on my part!

The dough was simple to prepare - a couple eggs, flour, butter, milk, sugar and salt. I mixed it up in my stand mixer, then divided it into 6 pieces. After I did that, I prepared the filling. After getting the filling on each dough disk, I decided to toss a couple blueberries each on/in each one just for some color, lol, and they worked really well! The filling was simple also - diced apples, sour cream (I used a light version), sugar, lemon zest, flour and cinnamon. It also lists cardamom, but that's optional. I didn't have any, so I didn't use it.

Putting together was fun and easy! You roll out each dough disk to about 8-inches. Now, the recipe calls for rolling out the dough and placing on the baking sheet to fill and fold. Well, I wouldn't be able to get all the disks on the sheet, so I rolled them out on my counter (covered with freezer paper, the waxy side up and dusted with flour), one at a time. Then I filled it, and folded it and used a metal spatula to transfer the tarts to the baking sheet that I had lined with parchment paper. Worked like a charm!!! 

I did brush half with some milk and sprinkled with sugar just to see how they'd turn out and look, and they were pretty!!! I want to try it with the coarse sugar as they've used in their photo - mine should be here this week as I ordered a bunch of goodies from the King Arthur Flour website! This recipe has inspired me to want to experiment with other fruit fillings. Fun stuff! Hooray for baking season!!! I'm looking forward to it this year! 

Here's another link to the recipe - do try them and enjoy! Between Kris and I this week, we've provided an easy meal and an easy dessert to go with! ;-) 

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